Let’s Blog about Blogging

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Growth Strategy
BY John ON 07 Nov 2022

Let’s Blog about Blogging

Blogging is the “Dear Diary” of the new millennium: a way to announce, to connect, and most importantly, to be seen, to be found in the sea of content that exists online on any given subject, at any given time. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the new Holy Grail of cyberspace: what good is the best content, if it is never seen?

Blogging for Visibility

A good and accurate blog can help you stay relevant, can keep you at the forefront of your target market’s mind and also be used as a tool to inform of changes, developments, news and projections. A blog and a blog post is literally allowing your target market to keep a finger on your organization’s pulse.

Google and other search engines are sensitive to changes and additions to your content, more so than even the quality of your content. Even if that isn’t the target, ten average blogs will give you more leverage than two brilliant ones! Let that never be the target, get writing ten brilliant ones instead!

Blogging is your Intellectual Investment in Yourself

The misconception is that blogging is a grudge-job, often delegated to a junior, while in fact it is and should be the headline of the newspaper that speaks about your organization. It is the voice that reflects your values, the lifeblood of your organization. Nourish it, grow it, feed it. Great growth will follow.